Am I healthy?



Hi! My name is Ugly Guy. Look at me! Don’t you think I am a very nice looking guy? Let me tell you my secret, OK? Well, I just love eating junk food, sandwiches, pizzas, French fries, sweets, sodas. I hate eating fruits and vegetables! It’s so disgusting!

My life is great! I watch TV until 3 o’clock in the morning and wake up at 6:30 to go to school(school!!! I hate this! Don’t you?). I usually eat a cookie for breakfast and drink a coke. I go to school by bus because I don’t like walking. When I come back from school, I do my homework very fast, sit in front of the TV, play video games, play the computer and eat all the time.
         My mom always tells me:
           - “Son, you should have regular meals! You should eat more vegetables and fruits! You should stop drinking soda and drink more juice and water! Walk to school, it’s healthy! Go bike riding or any other physical activity!”
           And I just answer:
           - “Take it easy, mom! I know how to take care of myself!



Hello everybody! I am Nice Looking Guy. It’s very nice to meet you! I love making new friends. In fact I love many things! People say that I am a very happy person and they always ask me what’s the secret of my life. Let me tell you something about me, then you are going to discover what is my secret.
    I always go to sleep at 10 p.m. and wake up at 6:30 a.m. My school starts at 7:30. I go to school on foot. I think it’s very relaxing!
I usually have 3  meals a day and they are very balanced. I like to eat all kinds of health food: vegetables, fish, fruits, cereal, milk…
    In the afternoon, I usually do the homework. Twice a week I have English classes, once a week I have piano classes and three times a week I have swimming lessons. Sometimes I play video game or computer, but I prefer to play soccer with my friends whenever possible. On weekends, my family and I go out together. I just love my family! I just love my life!
    And then, did you discover my secret?


Which boy is not taking care of himself and has bad health habits? 
Write him a letter.Tell him what he has to do to keep in shape and be healthy:

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Stael Witt Jagnow, September 1999