Froggy the Frog

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       Hi everybody! Iím Froggy the Frog.  Iím 10 years old. I donít have any brother and sisters. I live in a very beautiful swamp near here named Brej. The place is very exciting and crowded. It takes 20 minutes to get there on foot. Would you like to visit me some day? Iíd love to have you here!

        Well, Iím a very busy guy. Iím a student. I go to school everyday except on weekends. My school starts at 2 p.m

  I have diving classes 3 times a week.

   I have tap dance classes twice a week. Do you like tap dance? I just love it! Once a month I visit my friends that live in another swamp far from here.      

I often have lunch out. There is a restaurant across the street where I can eat delicious fly!Fly is my favorite food. 

I rarely go to the movies. The last movie a saw was Bugís Life. I liked the movie because there were lots of bugs!!!

    Once a year I go to the beach. I donít like going to the beach very much because of the salty water

    Oh, I love exercising too! I ride a bike or go for a walk once a week. Do you exercise? Do you like sports? Whatís your favorite sport? Mine is fly catching. 

Do you know what? I love to sing! I'm a very good singer. I'm learning how to play the guitar. I have guitar classes twice a week. 

        Well, Iíd like to tell you many other things. But I have to meet my girlfriend at the shopping mall in one hour. It takes me 45 minutes to get there and I go jumping.

        So, Iíll see you when you come and visit my swamp. Where is the swamp? Itís across from the drugstore, between the police station and the bookstore in the park.

                         Kisses from:

                         the prince Froggy the Frog.

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Stael Witt Jagnow