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Iím very happy! Do you know why? Itís because last week I visited the Earth Planet. It was so beautiful! Beautiful people, lots of water, trees, birds, animals.

Well, I got sad when I saw that many people donít take care of the planet. They pollute the rivers. They throw trash in the rivers, in the sea and on the streets. They donít save energy and water. They donít separate garbage for recycling. I got really sad!!!

But this was the only part that I didnít like.

I did many things in my visit to the Earth: I ate hamburgers, pizzas, fruits. Hum! Delicious! I saw many beautiful places. 

I went to the zoo, to parks, to the beach. I talked to a human! The boy got so frightened when he saw me!!!! He almost died.


Oh, yes! I was forgetting! I played soccer, rode a bike, went for a walk, watched TV. I loved it!


I have something to ask you: take care of your planet! You have a wonderful place to live!



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